Interview with Fran Riley

Interview with Mediacom

After 3 tries the wells4wellness drilling team hits water!!!



The kids are happy too.

They no longer have to walk miles for water.



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The pre-existing wells in Niger are called Open Wells. This means that the wells have no covering and there is no way to guarantee that the water in the wells is sanitary. Often times dirty ropes and buckets, as well as debris or animals falling in contaminate the wells. Theses wells are far from sanitary or ideal; however, women and children often walk long distances to obtain water from the wells because they simply have no other source. They wait in long lines and pray that water will still be available when their turn finally comes around. This job may be repeated more than once a day to provide water for their every need. In fact, many women have hardly any time for anything else. The children have to help their mothers with this enormous task, robbing them of the opportunity to become educated.



125 runners in our 5K run carried water and at the end poured into this 100 gallon tank. It did not add up to much water and illustrated the effort it takes to serve a family. The women and children of Niger do this day-after-day, sometimes several times a day.