Our Focus


Wells 4 Wellness looks forward to participating in World Water Day 2015. The United Nations’ has declared March 22 as World Water Day. We will launch new fundraisers and invite you to join in wherever you are. Spend a day appreciating water and providing it for others. Check out our Fundraising Page for ideas, tips, and testimonials of what you can do in your own communities to help the people of Niger.


While we continued to search for a compressor that would meet the needs of requirements for drilling deep wells, we kept fundraising, primarily through our third and final 5K. Our 2014 events generated around $10,00 despite a flooded race route, a relocation, and another storm the day of the event. We are blessed to have such wonderful supporters who braved all manner of local water catastrophes to provide water for Niger. With these funds we will be able to purchase a truck and finally begin to drill new wells again.


A beautiful view accompanied our 2013 5K which took place at Ben Butterworth Parkway in Moline along the mighty Mississippi River. We raised $10,000 which we will use to purchase a compressor. Due to the safety recommendations of the United States Embassy in Niger, we are no longer able to continue our partnership with Operation Blessing. This required Wells 4 Wellness to purchase our own equipment to complete our mission. We are now partnering with Faith for All Nations Church in Texas. They purchased a drilling rig and we will purchase a compressor and truck. Thanks to the generous donations and support, we were able to raise the funds to purchase a compressor.


The Race on October 6th, 2012 allowed us to be a part of placing two more wells. We also were able to provide solar panels and a water tower for the school. The water tower provides enough pressure to be able to have flush toilets. For us that is normal but for them it is a luxury. The 2012 5K race was very successful! Thank you to all who participated!