Thank you Mary Beth!

Mary Beth FordWhile Wells4Wellness was incorporated in 2012, our 501(c)3 status did not come until a bit later. We very much wanted to apply for this special nonprofit status, but had no idea how to do so. Thankfully, Sue Laird knew just who to call – Mary Beth Ford.

Mary Beth was writing contracts for the government, so writing a 501(c)3 application was a piece of cake. Without her expertise, I do not know where we would be today. Mary Beth has served over 3 years on the board and even took on a special role as secretary. Whatever she does, she gives it 150%.

For our third 5K, Mary Beth had her entire family get involved. They either did the race or financially supported her team. They took 1st place hands down. Her team raised the most money for clean water for the people of Niger.

Mary Beth and I have grown to be very close friends. When your friends are so dedicated to the cause, it is even harder to let them go when their term is up. I will be forever grateful to her for helping us reach major milestones in her time on our board. Whatever Mary Beth puts her mind to, she excels at. She is not only a hard worker, but a great friend. I am so thankful for your years of service and dedication to Wells4Wellness and to the people of Niger. On behalf of myself, the board, and the people of Niger, thank you.

2016 Walk to Niger

We had a wonderful first-time event. Your Walk, Their Water: Destination Niger invited our friends, family, community members, and other like-minded folks to do their part by walking to Niger. How did they accomplish such a task? Teams of 15-20 split the miles between themselves and counted their steps for 2 months to symbolically walk from Moline, IL to Niamey, Niger – about 300 miles each in 2 months.

Barb Marlin (Church Nurse) of Faith Lutheran church came up with this idea several years ago to help the people in her church stay healthy. She started walking to a different country in need every year. This year she decided to walk to Niger, Africa with her team of more than 49 dedicated individuals. Barb helped us to make this happen. We had fun and raised over $30,000!

Thank you Barb for sharing this marvelous idea with us!