Friendly Competitions

Get moving and make a difference.

Competitions like 5K’s, triathlons, or even just a run around the block can make a difference in the world. Host a local competition and get your friends involved. The registration fees from just one event could be just enough to give a family and future.

A 5K in the QC


Byron Brown’s involvement with Wells 4 Wellness began with a simple statement — “ I want to help you with a 5K fundraiser.” His idea seemed simple enough — host a 5K run/walk in the local community. 2 years and 3 5K’s later, Wells 4 Wellness has made incredible progress and is still going strong.


South Korea

Mandy had signed up for Wells 4 Wellness 5K Run/Walk 2 years in a row. After completing the second 5K, she had the opportunity to go to South Korea and teach English as a second language. While she was in South Korea, Wells 4 Wellness began planning their 3rd 5K. Mandy still wanted to support such an important cause and decided to get some people there to race along with the people in the USA. She managed to recruit several friends to take the challenge and run with her. Other supporters ran the race all the way in Brazil too! Even being half way around the world it is still possible to help an organization in the USA that are helping the people of Niger get clean fresh water.




Andrea MarathonIn October of 2013, Andrea signed up to run in the L.A. Marathon with Team World Vision.  She was 36 years old, a full time mom and nanny with absolutely NO running experience.  In fact, she hated running! But what she hated even more was thinking about kids just like her own son and daughter walking 5-10 miles a day to collect water for their families. She knew in her heart that she just had to run to get clean water for the families of Niger. The day of the marathon came, and Andrea was able to raise $700 for Wells 4 Wellness.



How to host a competition for Wells 4 Wellness

Wells 4 Wellness is grateful to these wonderful supporters for their contributions to the people of Niger. Please use this form to request more information and resources if you would like to donate proceeds from your activities to Wells 4 Wellness.