Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Use your talents to make a difference

Every person has something to bring to the table. From baking pies to a lemonade stand, the proceeds from small events make a big difference.

A Passion for Pies

IMG_20141016_084754981At Wells 4 Wellness  we use gifts to support our passions. The simple act of baking pies can have an effect on people across the globe. Ann’s gift for baking delicious apple pies helps us accomplish our mission to provide water for the people of Niger. She donates her pies to be sold as a fundraiser. This tasty treat brings smiles not only to those who enjoy pie, but also to those who benefit from life-giving wells.



 A Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

Kids can help each other across the world in the smallest of ways. Several neighborhood kids in Moline wanted to help provide water for the children of Niger. They tried to think of creative ways to help fundraise. Small and simple, they made a lemonade stand, raising $75 for Wells 4 Wellness.



 Stained Glass Crafting

H4WTherese Roman, Kaye Miller, Linda Mitton, Barb Brooks are four women who are living proof that every talent has the power to change the world. They create stained-glass heart sun catchers to raise money for clean water in under-developed countries. Thanks to their talent and passion, they were able to raise $2,500 for Wells 4 Wellness.




How to donate your proceeds to Wells 4 Wellness

Without small acts of kindness such as a lemonade stand or a bake sale, Wells 4 Wellness would not be able to accomplish our mission. Please use this form to request more information and resources if you would like to donate proceeds from your endeavors to Wells 4 Wellness.