Meet Amber

image2Amber is 13 years old and and ran in the 2015 Quad City Marathon to raise money for clean water. Her goal was to raise $3000 for Wells 4 Wellness to install a well in Niger. She exceeded her goal!

Amber has supported the mission of Wells 4 Wellness in the past by participating in our 5K runs.

When asked why she would like to fund raise for Wells 4 Wellness, Amber said,

“I want to do this because people take clean water for granted in America and in other countries they don’t have this privilege.”


Celebrate your life by giving life.

Kevin and the Wade children decided to make a life saving donation while celebrating their birthdays. They simply asked friends and family to make a donation to Wells 4 Wellness instead of giving them presents. Read their stories and learn more about how ways for your celebrations to impact the people of Niger.


Kevin’s 50th Birthday Bash

Kevin Birthday Party

Kevin Barker was looking forward to celebrating his 50th birthday with family and friends. As he reflected upon his life’s path he began to think of all of the gifts he had received, both material and spiritual. He realized what he wanted for his birthday couldn’t be found in a store. He wanted to help the people of Niger. So, instead of asking for gifts, he asked his guests to make a donation to Wells 4 Wellness. In a momentous stand of solidarity against injustice and in celebration of life, they raised about $1600.



The Wade Children’s Birthday PartyWade's Birthday Party

Laurel, Asher, Nina, and Eden could not decide what they wanted for their birthday. They had plenty of toys and games. They thought long and hard about ways to help kids just like them who were simply born in a different part of the world. They asked all of their friends and family to make donations to Wells 4 Wellness instead of bringing gifts. Laurel, Asher, Nina, and Eden had a fun-filled birthday and were able to help kids in Niger who do not even have clean water to drink.


How to dedicate your celebration to Wells 4 Wellness

Wells 4 Wellness is grateful to Kevin and the Wade children for their contributions to the people of Niger.Please use this form to request more information and resources if you would like to host your birthday, anniversary, graduation, confirmation, or any other celebration as a benefit for Wells 4 Wellness.