A Letter from our Executive Director

Village of Karoussa no sign on listMy first introduction to Africa was when a Maryknoll missionary came to my school and talked to my class about Africa. I dreamed that I would go there someday. That dream stuck with me until, 1982 when I finally had the opportunity to go.

In 2007, while I was preparing for another trip to Africa, a friend approached and ask me if I could help her sister in Cambodia get a well. The idea was daunting, yet, I heard my voice say back to her that I would try my best to do everything I could to help. I contacted Operation Blessing and they managed to put in 5 wells for several villages because of my efforts. As time passed another friend that needed help asked me to help them put 33 wells in Niger, Africa. I contacted Operation Blessing again and they agreed to help. They were able to drill the first two wells, but now we are purchasing our own equipment with a church group in Houston, Texas. They purchased the rig and we have purchased a compressor, truck and everything else it takes to drill. It has been much harder this way, but in the long run it will pay off.

The equipment is now in Niger and is at our first site for drilling!

In addition to providing water, we are providing jobs for the men of Niger by teaching them how to drill and maintain the wells. This concept is perfect because if a well breaks down they have the knowledge to fix it themselves. When they know what to do it means less down time; they are able to fix the well quickly and get the water pumping again. They do not have to wait on us.

Once a village get s a well their lives are changed forever. No longer do the woman and children have to take that long journey 5 miles to hunt for water. They can now be educated, have a garden, and go to market to sell their vegetables. The men can make bricks and build a house. They no longer have to take shelter under a tree.

All this is my dream and it all started in the second grade when someone gave me a big vision. I am now years later it is really happening. Because of you this project that will continue until the desert of Niger blooms.

Thank you,
Pat Herath
Executive Director Wells 4 Wellness