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Wells4Wellness apple pies are ready to go. First come first served.

For online order form: CLICK

Or Call Pat at 309.236.1301 to arrange for pick up.

Thanks they seem to be more delicious than ever this year!




Rebekah Pitchers

In the Old Testament – Genesis 24 42:46

“Rebecca showed an act of kindness. She went far beyond what was asked of her by pouring water so the camels could drink.”


A Rebekah pitcher is presented to one who shows an act of kindness.




The pitchers are $25 and are made for us by Dot’s Pots. They come with a little note quoting the bible passage and purpose.dots-pots

To order call Pat: 309.236.1301








Wells4Wellness would like to thank all of our supporters for making Your Walk; Their Water: Destination Niger a success! With the combined efforts of our generous participants, sponsors, and teams we were able to raise over $34,000 and counting! Thank you for bringing clean water and joy to the people of Niger!

We are already planning another walk kicking off on March 19th. Check back for more details about our upcoming fundraiser.