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Wells4Wellness would like to thank all of our supporters for 


March 19th, Sunday 2017 Wells 4 Wellness Kickoff event to “walk” to Niger, Africa. Join us on this fun evening to learn how to participate on “walking” to Niger for clean water.(running, biking, swimming etc)

German American Heritage Center, 712 W 2nd Street, Davenport, Iowa

Benefits the women, children and families of Niger, Africa (one of the poorest countries in the world) to have fresh clean drinking water.

March has been declared by the UN as National water awareness month.

Event features: Free Entertainment, Speaker, Silent Auction, Niger finger food and desserts free registration.


Come join a team or form your own!

Leading up to our March kick off you can sign up on our website to join a team to “walk” to Niger, Africa.

Time:6-8 pm Sunday March 19 

We also added another fun aspect called Concept Contest to this event: See above brochure and rules and regulations.

On May 21st same place same time we will have our awards ceremony and display the winning concept display completed.

For more information call  Pat Herath 309-236-1301 or check out our website: for reservations.

Rebekah Pitchers

In the Old Testament – Genesis 24 42:46

“Rebecca showed an act of kindness. She went far beyond what was asked of her by pouring water so the camels could drink.”

A Rebekah pitcher is presented to one who shows an act of kindness.

The pitchers are $25 and are made for us by Dot’s Pots. They come with a little note quoting the bible passage and purpose.dots-pots

To order call Pat: 309.236.1301